What to Consider When Buying a Camping Tent?

The weather started to warm up, and in direct proportion, holiday dreams and plans also started to be on our minds. Although our dreams are at least 15-day holidays in an ultra-luxury hotel, unfortunately, economic conditions have to push us to the most suitable holiday plans.

Our Most Important Criteria: How many people will you stay in the tent?

Before starting this title, never believe the 4-person, 6-person data that manufacturers tell you. Be sure in a tent that says four people, 2 adults can only fit. I believed this at the time, I bought it for 2 people, but I couldn’t even fit myself alone. The most important reason for this situation is that the materials of the people staying in the tent narrow the space in the tent. In this respect, it may be a better decision to buy a 5-6 person tent for four people to be comfortable.

In this way, it will create extra space for you to sleep or put your belongings. Likewise, if the weather in your area deteriorates, the large areas inside the tent become even more important for you. You can quickly put your outdoor materials inside the tent. If you say, “No, I am willing to compromise on comfort and convenience, I can buy tents that appeal to far fewer people than the number of people I am with,” your first camping adventure may go badly.

Considering that those who go on holiday curl up and sleep in their tents, the importance of a large tent that allows comfortable movement is extremely important. For a pleasant camping, definitely choose a tent that is large and comfortable to set up.

Camping Tent Terms of Use and Seasonal Features

A summer tent is made of lightweight material and is not suitable for extreme weather conditions. But the five seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter and finally, there is a fifth season in mountaineering that refers to extreme winter and cold conditions) tents are designed to be used in extreme weather conditions, if you are not going to camp constantly, it is not necessary for you. If you say “I like this camping and tent thing very much, I plan to camp in snowy and cold weather.”, you should definitely save money and prefer camping tents designed for extreme weather conditions.

If you want to camp in sunny weather and warm climates, the quality of the outer material of your tent is not so important. But don’t forget that the weather can change rapidly between day and night. If you want to be on the safe side, you can choose tents that are resistant to harsh climates for use in hot weather. If you ask me, if you are not going to camp too much, you can easily solve this with a sleeping bag or blanket.

How is Tent Installation? It looks very simple in the videos, right?

Your tent looks really great, just the way you want it… But do you have any idea how it is set up? How many people are needed to set up the tent or can a single person set up this tent? When choosing a tent, never skip this detail.

When we arrive at our location for camping, of course, none of us want to spend hours setting up the tent under the heat, while people are enjoying the sea or the greenery. In this respect, be sure to learn how the tent is set up and collected. If possible, test the installation of the tent where you bought it and determine whether it suits you. Even after you buy it, try to set it up on your own a few times at home before going on a tent holiday.

Don’t forget that camping people love to help each other, there will always be someone to help you in the campsite.

If you are going to buy from the internet (if you are going to buy for the first time, I do not recommend buying from the internet), be sure to watch the tent installation videos from Youtube.

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Tent? – 1

How should the tent material be?

The material from which the tent is made is of great importance. If you buy a cheap tent, don’t buy it. At six in the morning, you will experience the feeling of waking up in a sauna to the fullest.

For example; tents made of canvas, a cotton fabric, are waterproof. However, it becomes very heavy when it absorbs water. The other positive side is that it is long-lasting; it does not deteriorate as quickly as nylon. Tents made of nylon and polyester are also waterproof. However, exposure to the sun can shorten the life of nylon and polyester tents and your life as well.

Check the seams to make sure your tent is waterproof. Make sure it has a leak-proof structure. Many brands claim that their tents are waterproof. However, as the price drops, the possibility of tents passing water may increase. If you encounter a seller who pours water on it and says that it does not pass water, leave that store immediately. Under prolonged rain, we can say that Ripstop fabric tents are extremely successful in waterproofing.

You should definitely have an equipment that reflects the sunlight outside your tents. In this way, you can have a very pleasant sleep.

Another material you should pay attention to is the zip structure of the tents. It is important that the zip moves easily and does not compress the fabric. The tent curtain should be made of polyurethane and silicone coated nylon.

How heavy is your tent?

Another important point on our list of what to consider when buying a tent is weight. Will you need to carry your tent over long distances? If such a thing is required, it is not a pleasant situation that the tent is heavy. Or will your tent fit on your car? Even if it fits, will it affect the performance of your car in terms of load?

We can count many more negative situations that weight can create. So if the heavy tent is a problem, go for lighter tents. Because not everyone may be strong or muscular enough to carry a heavy tent.

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Tent? – 2

Tent Ventilation

If you’ve camped before, you should know: When you wake up in the morning, everything can be annoyingly damp and wet. Your clothes, your bed and other items in the tent.

To avoid such a situation, choose tents with ventilation. If possible, buy tents with ventilation when the tent fly is open. Without ventilation, the humidity can spoil your tent enjoyment.

Tent Floor Important

Tents that are used a lot should have a strong floor. Because the tent floor protects you from moisture and uncomfortable surfaces, allowing you to have a more comfortable experience. A floor made of polyester material will always work for you. One of the materials recommended in this regard is footprint. Footprint is a specially designed and shaped piece of fabric. It protects your tent from the ground and prevents abrasion.

Brand is not important; it is enough to be robust. If you don’t want to budget for this and you are going to a fixed campsite, an old blanket will also do the trick. Of course, before these, clean the stones and sharp objects on the ground where you will set up the tent so that the tent does not damage the ground.

Price and Performance Relationship or Quality?

Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a high-priced tent and I don’t think they need to anyway. However, it is necessary to spend a certain amount to catch the quality standard. When we look at the tents sold cheaply, we can see that they have at least one feature that is unwanted or does not meet the need.

But the same is true for tents with high prices. It is not always possible to say that the tent with a high price is better quality.

The important thing is to buy the tent that suits your needs. For example, if you are looking for a tent that you can put your head in peace in cold weather and harsh climatic conditions, yes, you need to increase the budget a little. But cheap camping tents can also meet your expectations.

After Sales Service and Spare Parts

You have read this article to the end and bought a tent with exactly the features you wanted. But things went wrong, the product has a malfunction or a part is missing. In this case, you need to contact the business or brand you purchased. Therefore, when buying a camping tent, contact reliable manufacturers and trusted brands.