What are signs you should get a divorce?

Is your partner displaying sloppy and ordinary behavior? Does he say anything to you without any hesitation and constantly accuse you? Is your name not even mentioned in future plans anymore? Then alarm bells are ringing in your marriage…

Social dissatisfaction

Meeting or reaching new people was a difficult process for an individual whose close environment consisted of spouse, friends, relatives and business life. Today, let alone your next-door neighbor, on the other side of the world, you can meet someone you have never seen before on social media. You see different lives, lifestyles, habits, and you can communicate even if it is virtual. This can bring dissatisfaction after a while. Unfortunately, relationships are also the victims of social dissatisfaction.”

What are signs you should get a divorce? – 1

Watch out for these signs in marriage!

1- If your spouse has stopped showing his love for you, treats you as if you are an ordinary person, does not care about the facts that you like and care about, and does not use any words of love anymore,

2- If your spouse no longer thinks about anything other than his job, friends, social events and hobbies, and he acts as if you are not a part of his life, as if you were not a part of his life, as if he was saying, “You are no longer my area of interest”.

3- If he doesn’t talk to you unless he has to when you get together at home, and your communication has almost come to a standstill; If he does not share with you an important development in his life, or if he describes it with no detail, casually,

4- In any event that happens to you, regardless of the reason, he finds you wrong every time and keeps saying that it is your fault,

5- If he is always on the side of the other side, not you, and he has formed a belief in you that you will no longer see his support in any matter,

6- If you can hardly spend time with your spouse on holidays and in free time, if he makes plans without you and gets together more often with others; if he keeps making excuses for not being you in his environment; if he somehow does not drop his phone from his hand, his laptop from his lap when he is with you, and spends time on social media for exaggerated times,

7- If your name is not even mentioned in your plans, wishes and thoughts for the future; does not share these plans with you, does not take your view or even hides them from you,

8- If you detect a visible carelessness in their attitude towards you, a clumsy and mocking style in their speech, and treats you disrespectfully and inconsiderately in every sense,

9- When you ask him about all this, he does not see the need for a satisfactory explanation and tries to pass it off.

10- If you don’t hesitate to do anything you don’t like and dislike, and if you feel that he is doing his best to ‘get offended’, so to speak, if you start to think that he takes pleasure in hurting you, in the light of all these signs, we can say that the marriage is over for your spouse and his love for you is exhausted.

Is there a way to save the marriage?

No matter how irreversible all these symptoms may seem, in fact, such a relationship can be saved with a few small changes and steps. The spouse, who loses his motivation about the relationship, actually goes on a quest. This quest is due to some shortcomings. This deficiency can be built entirely on spiritual satisfaction. Although you are looking for the fault of your spouse here, do not ignore the fact that you have a share in this.

First of all, it is important to rekindle the lust and passion between the spouses. You need to get your wife back to that crazy old lover. To get him to focus attention on you again, you must go back to your passionate and sensual days and refer to the point where it all started between you. You should go back to your dating days.